MORTON chairman Douglas Rae last night ruled out Allan Moore as Morton's next manager.

Speaking exclusively to the Telegraph, the Ton owner said: "The compensation wanted by Stirling has put him out of the running.

"That deal is finished now. Peter McKenzie [the Stirling owner] was wanting £180,000 and we were prepared to offer £20-30,000.

"They then said they would let him go for £160,000. We could get about seven players for a year at £500 per week for that sort of money.

"I'm disappointed, but it's not the end of the world." Of Moore himself, the Morton chairman said: "He was very disappointed, but he's a resilient sort of guy. I think what makes it easier for him is that he is going for the Second Division title with Stirling." Nothing is to happen today in terms of a plan B and it looks as if James Grady and Allan McManus will again take the team into Saturday's match at Inverness.

Moore himself told the Telegraph: "There's not much I can say. The clubs couldn't agree a fee. To be honest I think what Stirling were asking for was a bit over the top.

"Douglas [Rae] told me I was the number one choice and it would have given me the chance to go full time. I am sure I would have made Morton a better team.

"I just need to get my head down and get on with it at Stirling. It has been unsettling for the last couple of weeks, both for myself and the players.

"But it's over and done with now and there's not much more I can say."