MORTON have been left in limbo after discovering signing target Tarik Bengelloun is required to serve a lengthy suspension following a mystery incident he was involved in while playing in France.

The forward had been set to join the club alongside his countryman Fouad Bachirou but the deal was halted after the club were informed of the Frenchman's impending ban.

Ton bosses have since been in contact with both the French Football Association and the SFA in an effort to ascertain details, and say they may even send the player back to France while the issue is resolved.

Boss Allan Moore told the Tele: "We're waiting to hear back from the French FA, as he's got some sort of suspension he has to serve.

"We've been going back and forward for the past couple of weeks and we're struggling to get any information on how long it's going to be and what the situation is.

"We've been in contact with the SFA and they have sent notification to the French FA and we've not heard anything back yet.

"It's not a big deal as he's not signed yet anyway, so if it becomes a problem we'll simply send him back to France until the suspension is finished." Although the club have still to learn the reasons behind the ban - which will be put into effect regardless of what country Bengelloun plays his football in - they do understand it is a lengthy punishment.

Moore said: "It's more than just a couple of weeks, but he's not signed any papers so we've not got a problem with it.

"We're just trying to get to the bottom of it and find out what we need to do to help the boy." However, Bengelloun, who has played for Nantes FC, Nottingham Forest and had a brief spell with Hamilton Academical, has been allowed to train with the club until his future becomes clear.

Moore added: "He's still coming in to train with us. We've got him set up in digs with wee Fred [Bachirou] and he's quite happy.

"We'll get it sorted eventually and his agent has got him a car so he and Fred can get up to training."