SUMMER signing Joe McKee wants to set the record straight before kicking a ball for new club Morton - he's from Glasgow, not Linlithgow.

An administrative error in the early years of his career at Livingston has seen various profiles and biographies list the midfielder as having been born in the West Lothian town.

However, 20-year-old McKee is Glasgow-born and bred and was keen to clear the matter up once and for all.

He laughed: "I was born in Glasgow - I don't think I've ever even been to Linlithgow, never mind born there.

"That came from when I was at Livingston years and years ago. They were taking player details, and I think one of the other boys' details got mixed up with mine.

"I remember somebody saying to me that my Wikipedia page had me born in Linlithgow and that my date of birth was wrong and had me older than I actually am. My date of birth is 31 October 1992 and that was corrected I think, but the Linlithgow thing has stuck with me. I wouldn't mind getting that one cleared up!"