STRIKER Jordan Cairnie proved himself something of a goal-getter with Morton’s Under-17 side last year as he earned himself a full-time contract with David Hopkin’s development squad.

The 17-year-old has also managed to transfer that knack for hitting the net to the next level, having scored in friendlies against older opposition in Port Glasgow Juniors and Largs Thistle.

He also bagged a brace in the Renfrewshire Cup semi-final against Viewfield Rovers in July and managed a remarkable seven-minute hat-trick in a reserve match against Partick Thistle last season.

Full name: Jordan Cairnie.

Nickname: ‘J’ — not very creative but the reserve boys gave me it so it’s okay. They’re not the brightest bunch.

Date of birth: 26 May 1996.

Born: Irvine, North Ayrshire.

Schools attended: Stanley Primary and Ardrossan Academy.

Boys’ club team(s): Tass Thistle and Ardrossan Winton Rovers.

Team supported as a boy? Rangers.

Strengths: My finishing and heading. My work-rate too? (I’m pushing my luck now).

Weaknesses: Holding the ball in, at times, and holding off defenders.

I play a bit like ... Edin Dzeko? I don’t know really. It’s hard to compare yourself.

Biggest influence? My dad. He’s run me everywhere. To training, games — the lot — and has helped me massively.

Best advice given? Stay off the drink, keep my head down, work hard, take on board advice from coaches and want to improve.

Most embarrassing moment? Taking my top off and proceeding to walk off the park in a cup final at boys’ club level because we were getting a doing.

In five years’ time I’ll be... Playing regular first-team football, hopefully.

Favourite ever player? Brian Laudrup or Michael Mols.

Favourite goal? Dennis Bergkamp’s [versus Newcastle United]. The turn is unbelievable.

Pre-match meal? Pasta, toast, chicken. But not all at once.

Which football boots do you wear? Usually Adidas, but at the moment Nike.

Most embarrassing item of clothing you own? Nothing, obviously! My gear’s decent.

Favourite TV show? Breaking Bad. It’s all about the chemistry.

Gigs [last gig you attended]? Have never been to one.

Flicks [last film you saw]? The Stepfather. Would recommend it. Brilliant film.

Biggest hero outside football? My wee granda. A really magic guy and an inspiration.

Biggest joker at the club? Probably Fulty [Aidan Fulton]. Always up to something. But it’s never him, of course.

Biggest poser at the club? Fulty and Berba [David McNeil].

Worst dressed player? Aidan Ferris. Sorry, I hate snapbacks.

Who in the dressing room has a hidden talent? Stevie [Lamont]. He can recite any rap song possible. Big Nicky [Jamieson] knows every single lyric to most songs, whatever the genre.

If you could have a super power what would it be and why? To be able to fly. It would be so cool, just think about it. Wanting to go somewhere but can’t be bothered, just fly and you’re there in no time.

Xbox or Playstation? Playstation all the way.

Nike or Adidas? Clothing: Adidas. Boots: Nike.

Ronaldo or Messi? Messi. Everyone says Ronaldo’s the ‘complete athlete’ but no one compares to the Messi-ah, for me.

Irn Bru or Coca Cola? Water.

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter. It’s all about the hashtags.

Bath or shower? Shower for when I’m going out. Baths for relaxing after a long, hard day – which is every day with Hoppy’s training!