TALENTED midfielder Ben Eardley first came to prominence as part of a trio of Ton Under-14s players who were called up for the SFA regional performance squad in November 2012.

Over a year on, the 14-year-old has gone from strength to strength and is now an integral member of Sandy MacLean’s Under-15s.

Full name: Ben Peter Eardley.

Nickname: Don’t have one.

Date of birth: 29 December 1999.

Born: Greenock.

Schools attended: St Kenneth’s and Notre Dame.

Boys’ club team(s): Port Glasgow Juniors; St Andrew’s Boys’ Club.

Team supported as a boy? Celtic.

Strengths: Pace.

Weaknesses: Shooting.

I play a bit like ... Scott Brown.

Biggest influence? My dad.

Best advice given? To be the best team-mate I can be.

Most embarrassing moment? When my mum’s bikini fell off in the swimming pool on holiday.

In five years’ time I’ll be... the best I can be.

Favourite ever player? Andres Iniesta.

Favourite goal? Lionel Messi’s goal against Getafe when he was 19.

Pre-match meal? Toast and cereal.

Which football boots do you wear? Adidas adiPure.

Most embarrassing item of clothing you own? A tiger onesie.

Favourite TV show? Breaking Bad.

Flicks (last film you saw)? Lone Survivor.

Biggest hero outside of football? Floyd Mayweather.

Biggest joker at the club? Willie Fleming.

Biggest poser at the club? Scott Miller.

Worst dressed player? David Anderson.

Who in the dressing room has a hidden talent? Jay Devlin — disco dancer.

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? To be able to teleport.

Xbox or Playstation? Xbox.

Nike or Adidas? Adidas.

Ronaldo or Messi? Messi.

Irn Bru or Coca Cola? Neither.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

Bath or shower? Shower.