MORTON flop Marc Fitzpatrick has been involved in a Twitter exchange in which he mocked a fan for helping pay his wages over the course of last season.

Responding to direct criticism of his ability, the defender, who has now left Morton, exchanged views with a teenage supporter.

The tweet, which prompted a flood of sickened fans to contact the Tele, read: “You’ve paid enough already mate thanks :-) Just heading on holiday with the wages you helped pay for!!! You stick in pal!!” Fitzpatrick later laughed off the comment stating: “Only a bit of banter. Football fans are the most sensitive people about! Good job you don’t play or you’d all be a wreck!” Responding to another fan who felt the comment was disrespectful, he said: “I was left disappointed and humiliated throughout the season, but I’m still going on holiday, and my wages will pay for it.” He eventually settled his dispute with that supporter by wishing the club well for next season: “I hope Morton have a great year next year.” Meanwhile, the 27-year-old left-back revealed former Ton boss Kenny Shiels had sounded him out about staying at Cappielow next season but that he had already decided to go part-time.

He added: “I was offered something but have chosen not to accept. ‘Reject’ is the wrong word; I told the gaffer I was going part-time when he told me he wanted to keep me.”