STEPHEN Trainer and Rhonda White held onto their race trophies during a warm and sunny day in Dunoon at the 10th running of the Willie Jukes road race, held in memory of the popular Glenpark Harrier.

Once again it was another large gathering which travelled across the Clyde, with 84 competitors taking part over three races.

In the senior event, the five-mile out and back to Inellan, even a niggling injury wasn’t going to deny Stephen Trainer, below, his sixth consecutive win in the race, as he eased away from Andrew Harkins.

In third was David Henderson, finally getting back to his best, the latter two showing they were suffering no ill effects from their successful runs in the London Marathon two weeks earlier.

Rhonda White was made to work for her win as she was pushed all the way to the finish by Marian Monk, with just six seconds separating them at the end.

With a strong effort, Susan Clark earned her third place a couple of seconds ahead of Silke Loehndorf.

Angeline Austin who has shown improvement in recent months was rewarded with the Kirkwood Trophy when she emerged a clear winner in the handicap competition ahead of Simon Hutton.

The day got underway with the under-11s’ 200 metre dash along the promenade, and the competition was just as keen with Sean Hegarty and Emma Henderson leading the way.

The most exciting race of the day was the junior one mile which had local boy Alan Mollins, Harry McGill and Ryan Brown locked together at the head of the field until the closing stages.

The decisive move came from Alan as he managed to put daylight between himself and his training partners with a burst over the final 200m.

Megan Rodgers was to claim victory in the girls’ race, holding off the challenge from Beth McKenna and Lucy McFarlane. Other performances of note were those of Cameron Patton, Jude Dolan and Ruby McGill.

The Harriers would like to thank all those responsible for a hugely successful day, the race sponsor Paul Hegarty, all the volunteers, all the staff at Argyll Ferries, Dunoon Riverside pool, and to the Brewery Bar for their hospitality as well as the Jukes family.

Results: Five mile results: Stephen Trainer 26.59, Andrew Harkins 27.23, David Henderson 27.36, Kevin O’Donoghue 28.58, Mick McLoone 29.31, Steven Campbell 30.07, Andrew White 30.11, Chris Watson 30.41, Danny McLaughlin 31.09, Sam McVicar 31.17, Robert Dolan 31.51, Robert Wilson 32.05, David Roberts 32.42, Grant McKellar 33.03, Ross Neilson 33.08, Duncan Anderson 33.14, Alan O’Rourke 34.07, Phil Russell 34.39, Charlie Collins 34.49, Colin Campbell 35.44, Stuart Crawford 35.52, Mick Dunn 36.46, David Carruthers 37.35, Steven Watson 38.01, Rhonda White 38.06, Marian Monk 38.12, Stuart Austin 39.46, Susan Clark 40.59, Silke Loehndorf 41.01, Simon Hutton 41.43, Lisa Ruddy 41.53, Angeline Austin 42.90, Nathan Shields 43.47, Ian Hanlon 43.48, Ronee McCarthy 46.18, Joanne McGrattan 47.23, Angela Hill 49.07, Lesley Nelson 49.19, Sabrina Brolly 51.15, Claire Bryce 53.22, Ann Keenan 55.28, Paul Shields 57.50, Magaret Shields 57.50, Aly McCrossan 57.59.

One mile results: Alan Mollins 5.22, Harry McGill 5.24, Ryan Brown 5.26, Cameron Patton 6.08, Jude Dolan 6.13, Megan Rodgers 6.21, Marcus Keith 6.26, Beth McKenna 6.28, Nathan Harkins 6.30, Alex Wiseman 6.32, Blair Harkins 6.39, Lucy McFarlane 6.53, Rachel Mulaghton 6.58, Ruby McGill 6.59, Lisa Hanlon 7.12, Dylan Boparai 7.25, Niamh Evans 7.25, Priya Boparai 7.40, Richard Reid 7.43, Jessica Marshall 7.44, Leo Fitzpatrick 7.45, Christie Mulaghton 7.51, Fraser Witherow 7.58, Ewan Witherow 8.08 200m results: Sean Hegarty 34, Andrew Henderson 34, Aaron Harkins 36, Emma Henderson 36, Quinn Hegarty 37, Leah Knox 41, Eden Hegarty 43, Carly Lauffer 45, Ruari Trainer 46, Lewis McGowan 51, William Lauffer 59, Logan O’Donoghue 60, Zak Dolan 65, Orla Trainer 84, Ruby Hegarty 110, Connie Dolan 122.

London Marathon 26/4/15: Andrew Harkins 2:42:12, Steven Campbell 2:48:26, David Henderson 2:49:48, Paul Monaghan 2:50:35, Andrew White 2:52:53, Robert Dolan Jr. 3:02:05, Robert Wilson Sr. 3:03:30, Alan O’Rourke 3:14:49, Brian Harkins 3:15:18, David Roberts 3:41:55, Kirstin Arthur 4:25:45