DESPITE the cold, wet and windy conditions, there was a very large turnout of 97 athletes for Greenock Glenpark Harriers’ annual Chisholm mile race along the Esplanade.

In what turned out to be a high-quality field, it was local athletes who dominated, with Inverclyde Athletic Club’s Craig Ruddy setting a blistering pace to cross the line first in a time of just four minutes and seven seconds ahead of team-mate Jonny Glen.

Glen, right, was closely followed by Cambuslang Harriers’ Al Campbell.

Mark Pollard showed that he still has speed over the shorter distance by holding off youngster Michael Houston.

Stephen Trainer in sixth ensured he remains in a strong position to retain his club title after taking maximum points among the host club’s athletes.

The ladies’ race was won by Cambuslang’s Eve McKinnon, with sisters Nuala and Cliona McCheyne taking the other podium places.

The next girl back and first for Glenpark was Nicola Doohan, back on top form with an excellent personal best.

Marion Monk was delighted with her performance to come from behind to pass Rhonda White and Lorna Coyle in the last quarter mile in a close race between the Harriers’ top women.

And it was a clean sweep for Glenpark’s veteran men as David Tamburini, Mick McLoone, Robert Wilson and Tommy Knight took the top places in the over 40, 50, 60, and 70 age categories.

Thanks to the many volunteers on the night who helped with registration, marshalling and timekeeping.

Results: Craig Ruddy 4.07, Jonny Glen 4.11, Al Campbell 4.12, Mark Pollard 4.16, Michael Houston 4.19, Stephen Trainer 4.21, Donald MacLeod 4.26, Stephen Cooke 4.28, Shaun Lyon 4.29, John Law 4.31, Andrew Harkins 4.33, John Ball 4.37, Sean Gaffney 4.38, Alistair Campbell 4.39, Paul Harper 4.39, Kevin O’Donoghue 4.42, David Tamburini 4.45, Kyle Rafferty 4.47, Steven Campbell 4.48, Jack Heathwood 4.48, Sammy Hearl 4.50, Jason Kane 4.52, Cameron Watson 4.53, Paul Monaghan 4.54, David McIntosh 4.57, Andrew White 4.58, Ian Littler 5.02, Mick McLoone 5.03, Eve MacKinnon 5.06, Gordon Hepburn 5.07, Duncan McFadyen 5.09, Peter Jardine 5.14, Nuala McCheyne 5.17, Harry McGill 5.20, Robert Wilson 5.21, Martin Campbell 5.23, Jim Gilhooly 5.27, Robert Dolan 5.28, Cliona McCheyne 5.29, Alan Mollins 5.30, Ryan Brown 5.31, Josh Law 5.32, Danny McLaughlin 5.33, Chris Watson 5.33, Nicola Doohan 5.33, Norman Graves 5.34, Mick Harrington 5.35, Andrew Winter 5.35, Robin McAuslin 5.37, Abigail McInnes 5.37, Alan O’Rourke 5.40, Stewart Anderson 5.44, Stephen Hill 5.45, Ross Slater 5.45, Leah Cameron 5.46, Jennifer Bichan 5.46, Zoe Renfrew 5.46, Jennifer Rooney 5.46, Sara O’Docherty 5.49, Craig Winter 5.50, Hannah McGeehan 5.51, Niah Gillan 5.52, Cameron Patton 5.54, Ewan Ferguson 5.54, Clara Pollock 5.57, Ross Davidson 5.58, Paul Heggarty 6.00, George Hegarty 6.01, Stuart Crawford 6.02, Jude Dolan 6.03, Colin Campbell 6.09, Marion Monk 6.16, Rhonda White 6.23, Frank McMahon 6.25, Megan Rodgers 6.26, John Carruthers 6.27, Ian Hanley 6.32, Lorna Coyle 6.32, Ciaran Hogg 6.37, Beth McKenna 6.37, Lee Wilson 6.46, Alex Wiseman 6.48, Ruby McGill 6.59, Angelina Austin 7.04, Gill Gilmour 7.22, Alyshia Singleton 7.42, Aiden Monaghan 7.44, Rachel Ruddy 7.53, Mia Smith 7.53, Angela Hill 7.54, Kate Ferguson 8.20, Olivia Trainer 8.22, David Mushet 8.26, Ashlin Monaghan 8.57, Lesley Clark 8.58, Ruth Calderwood 9.29, Tommy Knight 10.12.