THERE’S no getting away from it…winter is here!

After a couple of long and wet months, it’s now time to face the snow – will we ever get a break?

It’s unlikely that golfers in Inverclyde will. We seem to be hit harder than anywhere else every year!

To roll into the 2016 season, you need to be ready.

You need to build momentum ahead of your first medal, and that means playing golf.

Golf Today’s investigation into the amateur golf practice regime showed 82 per cent of players felt they were better on the practice ground than on the golf course.

This goes to show their balance of practice was off.

It’s debatable…certain people practise in certain ways.

Some have never set foot on a driving range. Is that a bad thing? No, it’s not.

We don’t play our Saturday medal on a driving range, nor do we tee it up alongside our friends in the Sunday sweep on the short game area — we do it on the course.

At this time of year, as games of golf are few and far between, it’s up to you to find a time and place to play golf.

What’s the answer when Inverclyde is knee deep in snow? Links golf.

Less than an hour’s drive down the coast, Ayrshire plays host to over 63 courses, all in great condition all year.

As a member in Inverclyde, you’ll likely benefit from the James Braid deal (enquire with your secretary).

The perk will allow you a discount from most courses.

Use this to build your momentum. Of course, play your own track as often as possible, but it’s always good to get away, test yourself and have fun.

For as little as £7.50 in places, it’s the answer to playing thanks to the Ayrshire climate when things are bleak at home.

Write to me with the courses you’ve visited and what deals can be snapped up by the other keen golfers of Inverclyde.

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