MOST amateurs I see spend a great deal of time focused on the break of a putt and, to a lesser extent, the speed. 

Those are key fundamentals for sure, but equally important is making a good stroke. 

Swinging the putter head on a consistent path will help you start the ball on the line you pick.

To groove your stroke, try my two-tee drill. 

Find a straight putt and stand 10 feet from the cup on that line. 

Set the putter head down facing the hole, and stick two tees in the green — one just outside the toe of the putter and the other just outside the heel. 

The tees create a gate, pictured, that you’ll have to swing the putter head through to keep it on a straight path to the hole.

Once you can routinely make practice strokes where the putter head swings through the gate without touching either tee, set a ball between them and hit some putts. 

Miss the tees, and you’ll start filling up the cup.

Thanks to Harold Petrie for requesting a tip to hole more putts inside 10 feet.

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