THE countdown is on…finally!

With only a few weeks to the first medal of the season, it’s time to track down the locker key, dust off the cobwebs on the bag and polish up the clubs ready for the first game back.

How do you feel after the long, wet winter? 

Is your game in shape? Are you mentally a better player? Did you change golf clubs in search of a more enjoyable season?

Golfers really do get busy over the winter with all of the above, and it all comes down to that first medal of the year and expecting big things. What can you do to make sure it pays off? 

Go out and enjoy it. It’s great to be back playing competitive golf. 

What you need is to make sure you equipment is all in order however.

Check your clubs for the following, and any issues, use the next couple of weeks to take them into your local pro to make sure your kit is fit for use:

Did you dry your shafts last time you played, or is there rust building?

How are your grips? New grips ultimately feel like new clubs.Have you left any food or wet gear in your bag? It’s not nice to find it out on the course.

Make sure you have balls, tees, markers, pencil stashed in a pocket — this is where the schoolboys fall down.

Did you take any clubs home to practice? Don’t get to the first green without your putter (which I’ll admit to doing).

Here are just a few pointers to get your bag itself ready for the game that we’ve all been looking forward to for months. 

Your pro is your friend, use him. 

No matter the issues you have in the bag, they’ll be there to help.

Thanks to Mr Halley for the topic request of preparing your equipment for the first medal.

I will be returning to tuition tips next time. 

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