FORMER boxing champion John Simpson is ready to launch a dramatic comeback bid — almost two years after his last fight.

The 33-year-old’s last professional outing was his hometown clash in May 2015 at Greenock Town Hall and he has been out of training for some time as setbacks and injury problems took their toll.

John took up a job in a Greenock supermarket and it looked as though his impressive 14-year-long career in the ring was over.

But now he wants to give it one last shot and says he’s determined to win the one belt that has always eluded him.

He has arranged a warm-up bout and hopes that it could pave the way for a superfeatherweight European title fight later this year.

Simpson said: “I’ve not had a show in nearly two years — I don’t know where the time’s gone, to be honest.

“I was supposed to have a fight last November but with Christmas and other things I decided to put it off.

“It’s been a long time away and I’ve had bad tendonitis in both elbows and had to have cortisone treatment. Now I am back sparring and it feels good.

“My comeback fight is going to be on the third of March at the Lagoon in Paisley.

“It’ll be a six rounder warm-up and I’ll need it, this is the longest I’ve ever gone in my career without boxing.

“I was away from it and had a couple of different jobs.

“The experience of doing that has made me more determined to get boxing again. I was working in Aldi for three months and although it was a change and okay, it wasn’t really for me. I worked in Amazon as well just before Christmas and I actually quite enjoyed that but now I want to concentrate on my boxing again.”

John has won British and Commonwealth titles during his career and is desperate to add the continental crown before he hangs up his gloves.

He said: “I’m only one fight away from going for a title.

“I really want the European one.

“I’m 33 now and I know this is my last crack at it. It will be at superfeatherweight — I had those lightweight fights the other year, and I took those on stupidly.

“I was a bit sickened by everything after that but I want to give it another go. 

“There shouldn’t be a shortage of fights out there for me.

“There will be a lot of young boys coming up who will be keen to fight me because of the record I’ve got and wanting to make a name for themselves.”

As he makes his return to the ring, John is aiming to get back into peak physical condition but he is also focusing on his mental approach as well.

He said: “I’ve been having physio and I’m stepping up my training but I’ve also been working with a lifecoach called Karen Leith.

“I’ve been doing some hypnotherapy and feel like it has been helping me.”

Ticket sale details for the forthcoming Paisley fight will be released soon.

John would like to thank sponsor Mick Dunn, of Dunn’s MOT Testing, and lifecoach Karen Leith.