LEE Kilday has today told how he’s nearing the end of his 10-month injury nightmare — and cannot wait to pull on a jersey again for Jim Duffy’s men.

The Morton defender, who turns 26 on Sunday, hasn’t featured for Duffy’s side since April last year.

Kilday was last year forced to undergo surgery twice for a niggling ankle problem, an injury that left him fearing for his career.

But the good news is that the Ton star is back in full training and is already eyeing up a return to action.

He told Tele Sport: “It’s going well. That’s me been back training for about two weeks.

“I’ve been out for 10 months, so it’s just good to be back involved.

“I am still a bit away [fitness wise] but it’s just great to be back.”

Kilday initially started light training to ease himself back in gently, but now he’s doing all the drills that the other first-team players do.

He said: “I started light training and now it’s full sessions, basically everything the boys are doing.

“So hopefully there’s a reserve game soon that I can play in. I’ll just take things as they come.”

Kilday admitted he was shell shocked that his injury almost wrecked his career.

He lifted the lid on his agony and said: “I was told that the injury could put my career in jeopardy, so my head was all over the place.

“I dealt with it as best I could but now it’s great to get back out on the pitch, training with all the boys. I’ve missed that.”

Kilday had an initial operation on his ankle last summer but still didn’t feel quite right, prompting a second op in November.

The surgeons, according to Kilday, initially wanted to place a transplant tendon into the affected area but thankfully that procedure wasn’t required in the second op.

In the end, the surgeons removed scar tissue and shaved some bone fragments away, giving Kilday much more stability and less pain.

He said: “They thought they’d have to do a tendon transplant but they didn’t do that in the end.

“The surgeon cleaned the front of the ankle up and took away a lot of scar tissue that formed from the last operation.

“I played through the injury last season but it got to a point where I couldn’t play anymore.

“I then had the operation in the summer but wasn’t able to get back from it.

“It was basically a tear in the tendon that had to be sown up but it didn’t heal properly and then some bone grew over it, so that had to be shaven off.”

Kilday described his long injury lay-off, saying: “It was brutal, especially when there is no-one out injured with you, which there wasn’t for most of the time. It’s a solitary existence.”

Kilday though is understandably reluctant to put a definitive timescale on his eventual return to first team duty.

He said: “Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll play in some reserve games but there’s no timescale, as long as I’m feeling good, that’s what matters.”