MORTON manager Jonatan Johansson hopes his favoured formation continues to get the best out of his team against Dunfermline today.

The Ton boss has switched through a number of systems during his short tenure.

But after a few heavy defeats, the Finn has settled on a 5-3-2 set-up, using wing-backs and getting two forwards on the pitch in every game in the last month.

Johansson believes it is best suited for his side but he added that it could always be likely to change depending on the opponent.

He told the Tele: “We worked on a different formation and when you come in new you’re always looking for the best one for the team.

“I believe that you have to make the best from the players available to get the best out of the team.

“This has been suiting us and we’ve been defending well with it but the most important thing is with the two strikers we’re better going forward and we’re better at retaining the ball up front.

“We are much more dangerous from crosses, and it suits us very well at the moment.

“It doesn’t always suit us very well against all opponents though, and that’s something we always need to think about.”

Meanwhile, Kyle Thomson was released from his Morton contract early by the club on Thursday after making one appearance for the Ton since joining in the summer.

Johansson added: “He had some bad news from home with his father taking ill and I wish him all the best. “There are things that are more important than football and I hope his father will be okay.”