JONATAN Johansson says he is fully committed in laying out his vision and long-term targets at Morton.

The Ton boss has been in charge at Cappielow for five months since being appointed back in September on a two-year contract.

Johansson completed his first transfer window last month, seeing an overhaul of the squad on a limited budget, with more players seeing the exit doors at Cappielow than those arriving.

One of the key aspects for the manager was to lower the age of the squad, with all his incoming players being under the age of 23.

Johansson says bringing more youth into the squad was one of the things he was tasked with by the board and insists it’s something he will continue to do while in charge at the Greenock club.

While admitting some results weren’t good enough in January, especially being beaten by League One side East Fife in the Scottish Cup, the Morton manager wants to stick to his principles.

He told the Tele: “I want to do things differently. I have a belief how I want to make the team younger and hungrier and more pacey.

“I was brought in to do things differently, to make the club sustainable in the longer term, to get the wage structure down and to bring the average age down.

“I’m here to give youth a chance and to give a pathway from the academy. I’m not going to side-track from that. When you make changes there are always going to be ups and downs. It was a sore one for us to take in the cup but these things will happen and I’m not going to lose my principles and belief over that.”

Only goalkeeper Brendan Pearson is currently contracted to the club next season, with the rest of the first team’s deals up at the end of the current campaign.

The Finn says he knows he will have to upset people along the way if he is to make the changes he desires, but he is hopeful they will begin to bear fruit soon.

He added: “I was offered hundreds of players in January. When a player comes up that I know of that I can do I will do something, but there are a lot of players that were offered to me that I felt didn’t fit.

“They might be good players but if they don’t fit in with the way I want to go forward then I’m not going to go ahead with them.

“I always knew there were going to be changes, especially towards the end of the January window I would have to upset people, that’s my job.

“I would have to make strong changes which would involve who I keep and who I let go, and the main criteria and principles — I can’t move from that and I have to keep strong.

“If that upsets or surprises fans then that’s something I’ll have to live with.”