MORTON chief executive Warren Hawke says he is thrilled by the positive response to the supporters’ Q and A event being hosted by the club later this month.

Club chairman Crawford Rae and Hawke will take questions from the 70 Ton fans who managed to secure their seats, after the event sold out just hours after being advertised.

Mr Rae revealed to the Tele last week he was keen to talk to Ton supporters after the club’s AGM, which is being held on Thursday March 21, with the Q and A taking place a week later on March 28 at 7pm.

The news comes after Mr Rae told the Tele the club will now be run on a break-even basis with no more loans from parent company Golden Casket.

Hawke told the Tele: “The Q and A was suggested a few weeks ago by our SLO (supporter liaison officer) Graham Barr, and we thought it would be a good idea for Crawford and myself to answer some questions from our fans.

“Once the story came out last week we were very aware the shareholders were able to ask questions at the AGM, but not every Morton fan is a shareholder, and then we felt on the back of that we would have the supporters’ Q and A.

"It’s just good to be there and answer questions and have a truthful session with our supporters and gain some understanding from both sides and really bridge a little bit of a gap that’s there at the moment.

“We’re all in it for the same reason, we love the football club and we all want to move forward in the right direction.”

Hawke says the club will explore other possible options after the event sold out so quickly.

He said: “It was sold out in a few hours which is great, we wanted to have it at Cappielow for the simple reason that we felt people would want the event at Cappielow, and it’s the biggest room at Cappielow which is why it’s capped at 70.”

l Anyone who didn’t secure a ticket should register their interest by emailing in the event more tickets become available.