BOB McHugh has revealed that the hairline fracture in his leg left him struggling to get out of bed for 40 minutes, as the Morton striker continues to work his way back from the injury.

The 27-year-old has been sidelined for the past few weeks, with a problem he suffered against Queen of the South last month.

The striker initially thought his leg was just bruised.

But after waking up in extreme pain the next day, the Ton forward took himself to hospital where it was confirmed it was fractured.

The former Motherwell and Falkirk player is now making good progress with his injury, and expects to take off the protective boot and crutches next week.

McHugh told the Tele: “It didn’t look too bad at the time, it was a tackle on the edge of the box. “I just put my leg in the way and the guy has kicked through the back of my leg.

“It’s one of those things that can happen. I ended up coming off through it and I couldn’t put any weight on it.

“It was a lot more serious than I was thinking initially. I went home that night, the next day I got up and I took around 30-40 minutes to get out of bed because of the pain.

“I realised then it was a bit more serious than the bit of bruising on the muscle which I thought it was.

“I went down to the hospital to get an X-ray on it and unfortunately it was a wee hairline fracture I got from a tackle.

“I’ve had a few breaks before — my wrist, my nose, my collarbone — so I know how to rehab it and I’m down getting rehab each day and I’m just desperate to get back and help the boys out and make sure we finish the season on a high.”

McHugh reckons he was the only person glad to see Morton’s game against Alloa called off at the weekend.

The hitman says it is a case of managing the injury, and he hopes he can still have an impact for the Ton in their final few league games.

He said: “I was probably the only person who was happy the game was off, so I can get back for it.

“I’ve got a boot and crutches for my leg at the moment. Hopefully when it comes off I can start progressing the rehab so I can get to the stage when I’m back running again soon.

“If you push it too early there can be a lot of complications, so we want to make sure we get it right first time. You just need to be patient and it’s not easy when you’re desperate to get onto the park.

“With no game this weekend I’ll be trying to use it to push my rehab and hopefully towards the end of next week I’ll try doing a bit of running again and get myself back in contention.

“As soon as I’m pain-free, I’ve got the boot for another week and then it’s just about managing it.

“I need to make sure the season isn’t finished here for me, that I can come back strongly and whether it’s four or five games I can play I can make an impact and help the boys out.”