MORTON’S Kerr Waddell says playing alongside his experienced defensive partners has helped improve his game this season.

The 20-year-old has spent the season on loan from Premiership side Dundee, making 27 appearances so far for the Ton.

The centre-back has played as part of a back three or four, with Lee Kilday and Gregor Buchanan alongside him in the defensive set-up.

Both Kilday and Buchanan have over 100 appearances at Championship level, and Waddell believes that’s helped him a lot this campaign.

The defender also admits he felt there was a surprising difference between playing in the Premiership and in Scotland’s second tier.

He told the Tele: “They both know how to play in this league. It is quite different playing in the Scottish Premiership, it’s a lot more physical here, so it’s good to learn off them and speak to them regularly.

“They know most of the players in this league inside out, so each time we play against certain players they pick up on some of their traits.

“It’s more physical than the Scottish Premiership, and I would say the game is much faster paced. 

“It’s more end-to-end with not as many teams camping out. Teams want to go forward and score goals. 

“Even last season I would have said Ross County were the most physical team in the league, and it’s the same this season. County and Inverness seem to have huge players everywhere on the park.”