MORTON is a club in crisis today after managerial walkouts, disputed contracts claims and silence from the boardroom.

Boss Jonatan Johansson and assistant Peter Houston left the club after saying team selection had been interfered with by chairman Crawford Rae, Charlie Telfer was left out to avoid triggering a new deal and a statement promised from the club to explain the chaotic scenes failed to materialise.

While the supporters should have been celebrating a strong end to the season that saw them secure a fifth place finish, instead the club is again entering a period of uncertainty and instability.

The player at the centre of the mess today said he was saddened by Saturday’s drama — and insisted his future should have been secondary to helping the team secure a top half


The 23-year-old had made 24 league starts for the Ton this season, and if he had started against the Tangerines on the final day of the season he would have been entitled to a new deal.

After being told they could not play Telfer, as well as not being kept on next season, the duo walked out in defiance and club captain Jim McAlister stood in for them in the dugout.

The ex-Dundee United player has been one of the standout performers over the last few games and has been in the starting line-up for the seven previous matches as the Ton climbed the table and finished fifth in the Championship.

The midfielder admitted the weekend’s events had left a sour taste in his mouth, saying he had loved his time at the club.

He told the Tele: “I know because it’s been partly about me and I can’t say that I’m not disappointed by it all and the way it’s been dealt with.

“It’s a disappointing way for it to end, especially with the run-in and having to battle and get all these results.

“This was a day for the manager and Housty and everyone at the club to enjoy and it’s been dampened because of that, but we ended up with the win at least.

“The last seven weeks it’s been such an important run-in, I’ve been up all night worrying about them and staying up, and I felt like I had a big impact for us during the run-in.

“To end it like this is bitterly disappointing to be honest.

“Saturday wasn’t about contracts. I just wanted to play and for it to end up like that was just really disappointing.

“I really enjoyed my time at the club up until this weekend.”

Rae spoke after the game saying the former Almere City player could still have a future at the club depending on the new manager.

But the midfielder says he’s in the dark over what happened following Saturday’s events.

He added: “I don’t know whether they’ll offer me a new deal or what’s going to happen, but it’s a bit of disappointing end for me.”

Telfer also thanked Johansson and Houston for standing up for him in the circumstances.

He said: “I can only thank him for that, it means a lot and if that’s the case he was gone because of that then I can only thank him.

“The way we had the run in I think he just wanted to play the same team as they deserved to be there and I was one of them, and unfortunately I had this thing [contract situation] and obviously it’s became a big issue on Saturday.

“It’s a shame it’s ended like that for them.”