MORTON chairman Crawford Rae has revealed director John Malcolm stepped down due to health reasons.

The Rothesay native joined the Ton initially in July 2016 as the club’s safety director before stepping up to the role of stadium director in 2018 and as a result moved onto the board.

The former Police Scotland employee however stepped down from his role last month.

Rae thanked him for his work over the years, saying Malcolm wanted to be low key in his exit and would be able to help the club further down the line if necessary.

He told the Tele: “John said he would be there any time.

“He’s had a couple of health scares and he is one of these guys who can’t do half a job, he’s 200 per cent on.

“He did phenomenal work. He didn’t want me to put anything out on him, a thank-you or anything like that.

“He wanted to go quietly as he didn’t want there to be any negativity surrounding his departure from the board.

“He’s still going to come to Cappielow and advise on things, he’s there whenever we need him.

“It’s purely down to health issues the big man had to stand down, and his resignation letter to me I had a tear in my eye because of how pained he was to leave the club as he said he had met so many good friends at Cappielow and it was a real wrench to leave.”