DAVID Hopkin has revealed his plans to add training facilities at Cappielow and make the stadium a focal point for his players.

The new boss announced shortly after his appointment on a three-year deal that he was to make Cappielow their new base.

The 48-year-old is working hard alongside the board and chief executive Dave MacKinnon on some potential changes which could be made to their ground on Sinclair Street.

While they will not permanently move away from their training facility in Parklea, which is owned by Inverclyde Council, more of their day-to-day work will take place at Cappielow, as they look to add more facilities to the ground over the summer.

As well as moving base, Hopkin wants to overturn the culture of the club in the process.

He told the Tele: “We’re going to be based at Cappielow from now on. 

“We’ll try and get as much work as we can done down there and we can put things in place to make things much more professional.

“It’s not cost cutting, we just need to be somewhere. There’s no gym facilities at Parklea, it’s a fantastic facility at Cappielow, the pitch, the changing rooms.

“We need to get everybody down to the club and we will still use Parklea.

“We need to make sure things are in place, we will be going with a smaller squad next year. 

“We need to get everything in place which keeps the squad injury free.

“We will be introducing things like players coming in for their breakfast, getting their lunch and we’ll try and get some gym facilities put in at Cappielow if we can fit it in.

“These are things we were working on this week and we can hopefully get them done.

“The place needs a bit of TLC with the dugouts and hopefully changing rooms. 

“These are things we’re working on to make things better for players to come in. 

“To be based there is better for everyone and we can travel to Parklea for training in the mornings.”

He oversaw a similar overhaul at Livingston when they were relegated in 2015, remaining full-time in League One.

It paid off as the Lions secured two promotions in a row, and he hopes the Morton players will buy into his plans for the Greenock club.

He added: “It’s the way I’ve always operated. We had it in place at Livingston and it works.

“You can see once players buy into how hard they’re going to be working, they can see you’re trying to make the club that wee bit more professional.

“There has to be a base for that, and at Cappielow we will be looking around and finding different areas where we can do different stuff in.”