RORY McKeown is keen to stay on at Morton under new manager David Hopkin after admitting he wanted to leave if Jonatan Johansson was still in charge.

The left-back, who was signed by Ray McKinnon last August, played 18 times for the Ton last season before suffering an injury in January which ruled him out for the rest of the campaign.

He was set to head down south again — with interest from full-time teams in National Leagues near Liverpool and London — if the Finn remained in charge.

But he admits after Hopkin’s appointment yesterday he wants to speak to him about the possibility of staying on.

The 26-year-old says the new Ton boss is highly regarded, and from speaking to players who had played under Hopkin, he had only heard good things about the manager.

McKeown also says Hopkin was interested in signing him when he was at Livingston previously.

He told the Tele: “I haven’t heard anything yet. I assume I’ll hear something from the club in the next few days.

“Under the old manager I had made my own plans to move on. I didn’t have much intention to stay. I would be more open to staying under Hopkin than the previous one.

“Not that I didn’t get on with him, you like different managers and you like playing under them and I spent a lot of time injured under him anyhow. There wasn’t a lot of communication from him.

“From when I got injured in January to the end of the season we spoke to each other once I think.

“He had his own issues to sort out with the relegation battle, but it would have been nice to have a conversation and to keep that line of communication open but he wasn’t the most talkative with me.

“I’d be open to staying if the new manager wanted me to stay and offer me a new deal, he’s got a good reputation and people who have worked under him rate him very highly.

“When he was at Livi he was looking at signing me. I’d be happy to take a phone call and talk to him and I wouldn’t rule it out.

“I know people at the club who have spoken very highly of him from working with him before.”

McKeown has been out of action since the end of January with what was thought to be a muscle injury in his calf. The problem however persisted throughout the season, with no reason as to why it was taking so long to heal.

He made a comeback last month for the reserves, but went off injured again with the same injury flaring up.

But after getting it X-rayed this time – which hadn’t been done initially with the injury – McKeown says the doctor told him he had a double fracture in his leg all this time.

He added: “It turns out I didn’t have a calf injury and I had a double fib fracture.

“I found out after I got it X-rayed after I played in the reserve game last month against Aberdeen.

“I went and got it X-rayed the next day as I woke up the next day and couldn’t really walk.

“The doctor said to me how are you feeling after your last injury, and I was wondering how he would have known about it, it was ligament damage and that obviously doesn’t show up in the X-ray.

“He said, ‘nah, you didn’t damage your ligaments’. He told me when you break a bone, there’s a calcium growth around where the bone breaks for the next time and on my fibula there was three of them.

“I didn’t get X-rayed or scanned at the time in January, it was a strange one for me. I was back running about on it two weeks later.

“It’s all settled down now, when I did it against Aberdeen it had more or less healed.

“There was just bone bruising and that aggravated it again, but it has healed now.”