DAVID Hopkin has the funds to bring in two new players before the end of the transfer window thanks to the Morton Club Together fan shares scheme.

Ton chairman Crawford Rae revealed that there is money available if the manager wants to bolster his squad before the September 2 deadline.

It comes after a deal was formally agreed with supporters’ group MCT, set up by season ticket holder Graham McLennan, to deliver fresh investment in the first team over the next two years in return for a stake in the club.

Rae says funds from the partnership will be made available to Hopkin immediately should he wish to bring in any more new faces.

He said: “It’s great he can bring in a couple of players thanks to MCT before the end of the transfer window. It’s up to David who he brings in, he’s his own man.

“We trust in Hoppy.”

The Ton boss says he is fully behind the fan ownership scheme - and not just because he stands to benefit from it the most with a beefed up transfer kitty.

Hopkin said: “For Morton fans and the people of Inverclyde to come out and pay more money, because most of them will be season ticket holders already, is fantastic.

“It’s fantastic for the community and the club, especially myself who’s going to get the chance to bring in some more players.

“I’ll only bring in players I think we need.

“I won’t spend money just because it’s there.”

MCT aims to raise £400,000 over the next 24 months for the first team squad, with Rae agreeing to hand over a 15 per cent stake in the club from his family’s 90 per cent majority shareholding - and give the group a seat on the board.

For every £100k raised by MCT, owners Golden Casket will write off £500k from the £2.5m owed by Morton to the parent company.

More than 400 fans have so far signed up to the scheme and pledged £176k towards the final total.

As a gesture of goodwill, Rae has agreed to hand over the 15 per cent shareholding immediately.

The transfer will take place once the first payment from MCT, of around £6k, goes in to the club - something which could happen later this week.

Rae said: “MCT has run very smoothly and the fans rallied very quickly.

“It’s thanks to Graham and his team that we’ve been able to make it all happen.

“The big thing for me is it’s greater buy-in from the supporters as we’ve always said they are the most important part of the club.

“We’re only the custodians at the moment.

“We want this to be a community club and fans to own it eventually.

“This is the first step and it’s a two-year learning curve for us all and hopefully we move beyond that two-year period.

“It’s the first time in my family’s tenure - so the first time in 20 years - where there is a really good opportunity for fans to own the club and I’m excited about the prospect.”

Supporters who have joined MCT are now converting their cash pledges into formal monthly payments with over half the original 400 already funnelling their money in.

McLennan said: “It’s a series of steps and the reaction from the community has been absolutely superb.

“Hopefully this will be a trigger for more people to join and that’s already started to happen.

“It’s to help us but ultimately to help Hoppy and the team.

“More and more people are also coming forward to volunteer and help as well, which is what we want because MCT is open to everybody.”