JIM McAlister fears the coronavirus will stop him reaching his 350th appearance for Morton. 

The midfield veteran hopes that the blanket football postponement will end sooner rather than later as he approaches the milestone for the club. 

He told the Tele: “The 350-mark might not happen now!

“I’ve always been motivated by playing games of football and I always set myself targets throughout my career to play as many games as I can.

“I have it in my head in blocks of 50 sometimes, to help reach a milestone, and when I hit that 50 games I get a bit of a sense of achievement.

“So it’s a shame that this has gotten in the way, because in this time, I was close to getting another 50 out of the way and we can’t play just now.

“We don’t know if or when the games are going to start again either. 

“All we can do is play it by ear.

“I still want to make the most of playing, especially when you’re an older player you want to play as much as you can and enjoy it. 

“God knows how long this is going to be stopped for, that’s the most frustrating thing for me.”