A MORTON fans investment group says it will set aside its members' monthly wage bill contributions while all Cappielow staff are on furlough leave.

The club announced on Friday evening that all employees had been placed on the UK Government job retention scheme as the football suspension remains in place during the coronavirus public health emergency.

Players and staff will have 80 per cent of their monthly wage - up to a maximum of £2,500 - covered by the state and during this lay-off Morton Club Together will, for now, stop their monthly contributions of around £7,000.

The group, which was founded by local man Graham McLennan, pictured, last summer, say that the cash from their 400-plus members will instead build up in the bank and then be used at a later date to boost Ton's budget when football finally restarts.

A spokesperson for MCT said: "Morton Club Together have been in close communication with the club since the beginning of the current situation and have worked hard alongside them to reach best solution for the long-term sustainability of the club.

"The ongoing contributions and additional contributions made in recent weeks have been extremely valuable and appreciated.

"Since the suspension of football, the club’s cashflow has understandably been significantly affected and the backing of MCT and its members has been vital.

"With the first team squad now being furloughed, we want to explain how MCT money will be used in the coming months.

"Since the players wages will be being covered by the government’s scheme, a scheme which will be extremely valuable to Morton, MCT will not be making contributions until the players are off the furlough scheme.

"Looking ahead to when football resumes, this will put MCT and the football club in a much stronger position than would have been possible otherwise.

"It means that the money that would have been contributed during this time will instead be accrued and will go towards the budget once play resumes, allowing us to potentially increase our monthly contributions by a significant amount."

The group's directors added that MCT will play a crucial role once the shutdown is lifted.

They said: "Once football does resume, it may take time for cashflow to reach its potential and therefore the support of MCT towards first team wages will be crucial for getting things back up and running.

"What this current situation has highlighted is just how important the support of MCT and all of its members has been and will be to the football club.

"There are now 430 members of MCT and we have contributed more than £50,000 to the playing budget.

"Looking forward, we will be on target to significantly increase our contributions to the playing budget once play resumes.

"We realise this is a tough financial time for many people, but by continuing with monthly contributions during this time, it will make a massive difference."