MORTON enforcer Kyle Jacobs says Cappielow feels like home to him after an impressive first season at Cappielow.

The 28-year-old believes that a combination of Ton manager David Hopkin's faith in him and playing regularly has helped him find a new level in his game.

Jacobs had agreed a new deal before the coronavirus struck and brought the current campaign to a halt.

He hopes that the crisis will be over soon and believes he has the best years of his career in front of him in Greenock as he enters his prime.

Jacobs told the Tele: “The gaffer has just shown his faith in me.

“He’s played me – which is really important, and he’s told me that even if I was out of position that I was playing well and doing the right things.

“Him putting his faith in me and supporting me has really helped me firstly to settle in but also kick on as a player.

“I think it’s also down to the squad as well, they’ve helped a great deal because we’ve got a good bunch in the dressing room.

“Everything about Morton has just clicked for me really and it’s been good so far.

“I do hope I can have my best years at Morton and I do think it could happen.

“I’ve been having a laugh and a joke with a few of the boys in our car school saying that I’m just coming into my prime, considering that at 28 I’m one of the older players in the squad.

“I am sure I will keep enjoying it at Morton, giving my best and hopefully that can keep turning into results on the park.

“I feel as if I’m growing a great affiliation with the club and that it’s going in the right direction, hence why it was an easy choice to sign.

“I’ve enjoyed myself here and I can see where the club want to go and how they want to be.

"I was more than happy to sign and be a part of that and managed to get everything over the line.

“It was a no brainer.”

Jacobs now hopes that the club can tie down the majority of the squad and says that with the right mixture of experience the club can reach new heights when next season starts.

He told the Tele: “We’ve not been losing games since the turn of the year and you can see how much we’ve improved with our upturn in form.

“We’ve got a good young core of players signed up for next year, which is good for us and obviously the gaffer will want to add to that.

“That could be a bit difficult just now in the current climate but it’s something to look forward too anyway.

“Hopefully we can keep a hold of the likes of Nizzy [Aidan Nesbitt] and Cadds [Nicky Cadden] and the rest of the squad because we’re all good players.

“We got quite a good squad put together in the end, but obviously it's going to be down to whether clubs can afford contracts and stuff like that.

“Hopefully everybody does stay, but we’ll just need to wait and see what happens on that front."