MORTON captain Jim McAlister says he is thrilled to have his beautiful newborn baby boy home safe after a sepsis scare.

Little baby James has now made his debut alongside his proud mum Kayleigh, dad and his two big sisters for a family team picture.

Kayleigh gave birth at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital but his mum and dad endured an anxious couple of days following his arrival.

Jim, who stays in Paisley, added: "There was some concern and they had to stay in for a couple of days.

"The hospital were worried James might have sepsis, so they kept them in but thankfully everything is okay.

"Kayleigh was incredible.

"I don't know how she did it.

"She was in labour for a long time.

"I wasn't allowed in until the end.

"The midwives and the NHS are incredible and we can't thank them enough."

Fans' favourite Jim is now busy changing nappies and going on walks with the pram during the coronavirus shutdown.

But he hopes some time soon he will be back in action for Ton in the middle of the park - with James watching from the stand.

Jim, 33, in his second spell with at Cappielow after stints with Dundee and Blackpool, said: "Some things are more important than football and right now we all just want to keep people safe.

"But James would probably have been at his first game on Saturday if it hadn't been for the season finishing early.

"Fingers crossed for next season."

Like other couples Jim and his wife have faced a very difference experience with the birth of James compared with his sisters Mila, four, and Harlow, three, due to the public health emergency.

This time round the house is not full of visitors to welcome the new arrival.

Jim told the Tele: "It is completely different this time round and it is a shame the grandparents can't meet him yet.

"My folks stay over in Rothesay, so I don't know when they will get a chance.

"But there has been plenty of Facetime and we have had family, like Kayleigh's dad, at the window to say hello.

"But the five of us are enjoying some lovely time together and I have had nice messages from my team-mates as well."

Jim says that the football shutdown also means he has more time to pitch in with the new arrival.

He said: "It is lovely because I am about to help - normally I would be training.

"James is settling in well and the girls love their new baby brother.

"He's a great wee baby.

"I think it's five generations of the name James in my family - so I was under a wee bit of pressure to deliver!"