THE chairman of Greenock HSFP Amateurs says the uncertainty surrounding football has left every level of the game in limbo.

Leagues have been called in senior and junior football, however the amateur game has been frozen, with decision makers still looking to finish the current campaign.

Hish School chairman Chris McAllister says although they understand that their league is low on the list of priorities, clarity is needed to allow the scores of amateur clubs and players to plan for the future.

He said: “It has in a sense been very frustrating.

“We fully understand the circumstances everyone finds themselves in at the moment and our level of football is way down the line of importance, but a bit of clarity going forward would be a Godsend.

“Hopefully in the coming weeks we'll start to get that and the boys can all have targets to aim for instead of the current uncertainty.”

Despite the confusion, the club have made changes during the break in play, with McAllister, left, stepping down as manager and passing the reigns to his assistant Colin McEachnie, right, who this season will be aided by Thomas McQuilkin.

McAllister says that whilst the squad have been keeping in contact, they will need time to get up to speed again before playing.

He said: “The vast majority look after themselves with the many challenges you'll no doubt have seen on social media from five or ten kilometre runs to other things, mostly attached to some sort of charitable cause.

“As a team we've not arranged much as far as training goes but there is still a lot of contact within the squad using group chats.

“I'm sure once we have some sort of time span as to when we can return both the spirit and fitness levels will be ramped up very quickly.

"It is difficult for all amateur clubs to keep ticking over, but the game at this level is so important to lots of local people."

Greenock are currently sitting ninth in the Premier League, with eight games left to play, leaving them just above the relegation places.

With so much at stake, McAllister says the club are working hard to be ready for when amateur football eventually restarts.

He said: “It's hard to look too far ahead because our league hasn't been called as yet, but we're planning for playing Premier League football in the best amateur league in the country next season.

“Our goal, as with every season, is to improve and challenge to the best of our ability in every competition we enter.

“As things stand, we've retained the majority of the current squad for next year and added a couple. With a good influx from our successful and impressive U-21s side, we reckon we're in pretty good shape as things stand.

“In short, we've planned as best we can. Things will definitely ramp up once we know when amateur football is coming back."