FORMER Morton defender Jack Iredale says he always knew rising star Lewis Strapp would follow in his first team footsteps.

Iredale spoke of his delight at the youngster's impact this year as he tipped him to go right to the top of the game.

Iredale told how he spotted promise in this season's young player of the year while they car pooled together into training.

He told the Tele: “Strappy and I would travel into Cappielow together, I’d either get him off the ferry from Dunoon or he’d pick me up if he was driving.

“We’re good friends but he was always biting my heels trying to get rid of me and get a run in the first team himself.

“He’s obviously went out on loan and done really well for himself at Elgin and Annan, I’m really glad that he’s been able to step into the position I left and do so well this season."

Iredale said the pair pushed each other on as they fought for a first team place, firstly under Jim Duffy then Ray MacKinnon and Jonatan Johansson.

He continued: “I always knew he was a good player, because he was the one to put pressure on me in the second season I was at the club.

“He’s got a lot of great attributes that will serve him well. He’s strong for his age and size, has got a good left foot and most importantly he’s down to earth and grafts hard to improve.

“The scary thing is that he’s still so young and has the potential to go far, there’s so much more he can do.

“He’d slide tackle a brick wall in training, he’s so committed to everything he does.”

While Strapp looks forward to next season, the 24-year-old is weighing up his own options with his contract with Carlisle United due to expire next month.

Iredale revealed that a move closer to his parents in the shape of an Australian A-League side could be an option.

He continued: “Moving to the A-League is something that I’ve thought about for a wee while.

“Australia is in a bit of a better position at the minute health-wise in terms of the number of coronavirus cases and football could be back soon. That said, it's easier said than done to get a contract over there.

“It’s definitely an interesting option but there’s still a long time before I need to come to any sort of decision about that.

“The A-League hasn't even restarted yet to finish this year’s campaign, so they wont even have started to think about next season.

“It’s a huge decision for me as my family are back in Australia, but my girlfriend is in Glasgow. It’s a big choice to make with that side of things and also what’s going to be better for my football career.”