A SENIOR figure from the fans' investment group which will become Morton's new owner hopes the sceptics have been won over by a momentous week.

In the seven says since Morton Club Together announced their takeover deal, over 150 new members have signed up.

The group now has over 600 people paying in every month, meaning MCT will be able to pump an extra £25,000 annually in to the running of the club.

Director Graham Barr firmly believes the organisation can win even more people round as they chart a course for community ownership by June 2021 after agreeing an historic deal with majority shareholders Golden Casket.

He told the Tele: “The response and coverage that we’ve had since the announcement last week has been brilliant and hopefully now we’re starting to prove some doubters wrong.

“We’re up to 600 members now, with 160 joining since the announcement was made.

“I’d always said that I’d be happy with 100 new members by the end of July, but we’ve had that in less than a week and we’re more than on our way to 200.

“We’ve been getting support from people who would’ve maybe previously had doubts, which is fair because there’s still a long way to go in this process.

"Overall it has been fantastic.

“Even people with some doubts are putting their weight behind it and saying that in theory they support it and want it to work.

“We’ve had literally hundreds of questions since last week and we’ve tried to answer them as best as we can."

One of the main talking points about the deal has been around the fact that although the club will change hands, Golden Casket are holding on to the stadium and adjacent car park.

Mr Barr said: “We want people to see that we’re an open book and that we’re going to share everything that we can within reason.

"Once the lease around Cappielow is agreed, we’ll share what we can from that.

“We just want people to believe in us, the concept and the team driving it.

“There’s 600 of us now and it doesn’t matter how much you pay in a month, everyone has an equal say in MCT.

"The more people that we have on board, the stronger we’ll be and that’s the message that we’ve tried to get across over the last year or so.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance for us to write our own history.”