MORTON cult hero Kalvin Orsi insists he is putting personal targets to the back of his mind as he puts points and his team-mates first.

The 23-year-old wants to become a regular scorer for David Hopkin's side this season but admits he couldn't care less who notches goals as long as they are flying in for his side.

He told the Tele that while the thought of being the main striker doesn’t faze him, he is more comfortable looking at the greater good.

Orsi said: "I’m more of a team player and wanting to see how we go as a whole collective.

“I couldn’t care if it was me or one of the other strikers that was scoring.

"As long as we do well this season that is the main thing - that means more to me than scoring a goal.

“Believe me, I want to score goals more than the next man – but this year for me winning at all costs is all that matters to me."

Orsi reckons that the Greenock men have every chance of enjoying a successful season after managing to keep the core of last year's pool together.

He said: "On our day we were as good as any team in the league and we could hold our heads high.

"We proved that against the likes of Dundee United, Inverness and Ayr United.

“When we’re on our game and we play as the gaffer says, we can go and do a job on most people.

"It is just about sticking together.

“We need to listen to what we’re being told and coached and hopefully it can be a brilliant season."

Orsi admits he is still getting his head around events since March with the coronavirus sending football into cold storage.

But he believes it won't take long to readjust once the action finally restarts in October.

He said: “It’s frightening that it’s been six months since we’ve had a game.

“I’ve tried looking at it as a positive - six months that I’ve had to mature and get myself fitter and improve myself.

“I believe that I have just from the first few days back in training, and I hope that that begins to show on the park this season.

“With it being a shortened league campaign we can turn that into a positive.

“It evens the playing field out a bit more for the smaller teams in the league.

“If we do half of what we did last season, then there’s a really good chance that we’ll do well.”

Orsi struck up an immediate rapport with the Ton fans when he made his breakthrough into the team and says he can't wait to play in front of them once again.

He said: “I can’t wait to be back in front of the fans, I think we need that.

“They give us an extra bit of leverage against the bigger teams when we’re under the cosh.

"They’re out there in numbers singing their songs in the only way that they can.

“I love playing in front of them."