WELLINGTON Park Bowling Club has given its members something to play for while the competitive season has been shelved this year.

The club organised an internal one-day pairs event which takes place on a Saturday afternoon.

The idea was to give members something to look forward to each week as all competitive bowling across Inverclyde was cancelled this season due to Covid-19.

The club has been playing every Saturday since mid-July and it normally interests around 20 members to come and play and enjoy the outdoors.

They also encourage members to come and spectate if they wish to do so.

The competition's main format is two sections with each pair playing three short games of six ends.

The two section winners then play-off in the final to have an eventual day's winner.

Club president Mark Kelly said: "We just wanted to give the members an opportunity to get outdoors and onto the green.

"Obviously the club has had to put a lot of restrictions in place and also guidelines for the members to follow.

"However, I must say everyone has been exemplary in keeping others safe.

"The pairs format is everyone’s favourite, the guys enjoy it which is the most important thing, especially during these difficult times."

Mark, who has managed to win one of the one-day competitions, also praised the bowling community in Inverclyde.

He said: "It’s been a real challenge for many bowling clubs across Inverclyde, but I think we have all stepped up to the challenges of this pandemic.

"Hopefully we can get back to competitive bowling next year but we will just have to wait and see when that time comes - everyone’s health is the most important factor right now and staying safe.”

Mark also said that it’s been positive to see around 50 per cent of Wellington's membership playing on the green.

He added: "It’s tough for the older guys as some have health issues, but we are lucky in a way that the majority of our members are of a younger age.

"Wellington Park has enjoyed a few trophy-laden years over the last few years on the green, so this season has been different with no competitive bowling.

"However, the club has been encouraged with an increase in the membership drive and is staying positive for 2021.

“I just want to thank all our members for their support and understanding this year.

"This club has a unique way of raising the bar on the green but this year we have also done it off the green!

"Fingers crossed next season we can get some normality back into our lives.”

Wellington Park will close for bowling in early October.