MORTON'S first competitive game of the season was completely overshadowed by the well-documented problems us supporters endured in trying to watch the live streaming of the game.

Thankfully Morton have reacted by listening to the supporters and provided a test viewing on Saturday and a quick refund of the payments was made last week.

Social media went into overtime with the criticism of the club - but for me personally I was just glad we got to watch 'most' of the game on YouTube, even if it was pretty horrendous camera work as we had to rely on the commentator to actually know when three of the goals were scored!

Hopefully all will be resolved for tonight when we entertain Queen's Park in a game we must win to have any chance of going through this group.

As for last week’s game, we looked fairly decent going forward but not surprisingly we appeared a bit short defensively.

Watching Morton live on TV every week is going to take a bit of getting used to.

Unfortunately it looks like it will be the only way to watch the team for the time being, so fingers crossed the streaming issues are sorted and our defending improves.