A FAMOUS quote from the Wizard of Oz 'there’s no place like home' was never more true for the likes of myself and around 200 or so Morton supporters who, in normal circumstances, would have stood shivering and bored to death in Arbroath on Saturday.

Thankfully we were spared that experience and instead had the luxury of watching the game unfold in the comforts of our own homes.

The first half was absolutely honking as Morton sat back in a defensive shape that would make you think we were playing against a major footballing team as we just seemed intent in soaking up whatever they could throw at us.

It did improve in the second half but as far as entertainment goes it was dismal and I can only imagine football played like that will drive armchair fans away.

I hate being critical in any way towards Morton but to be honest if fans were allowed into watch games they might wish they were back at home again.

We do need positive results to ensure we stay in this league, so perhaps some will see the draw as an encouraging point gained - but it’s certainly not pleasant to watch at times!