I AM sure I was not alone in being disappointed at seeing Morton’s home game with Inverness was postponed mainly because we have recently seen an upturn in both results and performances.

The weather at the weekend was horrendous but I can’t help but believe that the fact that Morton are using Cappielow for training again must surely impact both the playing surface and the ability to sustain such weather conditions.

I am certainly not privy to the reasons behind Morton vacating Parklea and using Cappielow for training, but I can only assume it is once again due to budget constraints.

Whatever the reason is I am sure it was done with careful consideration taken with respect to many pros and cons, but I worry that it may have backfired on Saturday.

Thankfully we are scheduled to play again tonight, although, Somerset Park is one of my least favourite grounds.

It's a venue where I don’t have an awful lot of good memories whilst watching Morton.