MORTON veteran Chris Millar has revealed he was unfazed playing at right-back against Montrose - as it is the role he started his career in.

The 38-year-old’s inclusion at full-back raised eyebrows among the Ton support ahead of Tuesday's play-off crunch match against the Gable Endies.

But Millar says that it is a position he was deployed in often as a youth player coming through the ranks at Celtic.

He thanked Morton manager Gus MacPherson for showing faith in him and is delighted the decision paid off, with Ton going through to the play-off final against Airdrie after an extra-time victory.

He told the Tele: “It’s quite funny, maybe now that I'm coming towards the end of my career I’ve been asked to go and play in the position that I started out in.

"It’s funny how you get full circle moments like that.

"I’m happy to play anywhere. Whether it's in the centre or out on the right, it’s not about me at this stage – it’s about the team winning games.

“I felt bad for Michael Ledger in all honesty because he’s been one of our most consistent players this season, but the gaffer felt for that game and in that position that I would maybe be a good option.

“I’ve played right-back for the majority of my youth football when I was at Celtic.

“I was originally a centre-forward and then in one of the games Drew Todd, one of the coaches up there, moved me to right-back and I had a really good game.

“From there I came through the youth team and into the reserves as a right-back and I was alright, but under Martin O’Neill the reserves played the same 3-5-2 as the first team and I wasn’t playing because there were 10 first team boys coming down to train.

“However, when I did play I was put to left centre-half and then when I first came to Morton, I was a right-midfielder but I always wanted to be a midfielder before moving into the centre as my career went on, so playing at right-back was always comfortable for me.

“I’d been playing at right-back in training recently whilst doing shape and in 11 v 11s.

“We’d thought about it for a while but I’ve got to just thank the manager for showing his trust in me because it couldn’t have been an easy decision to make.

“There’s no way to guarantee that if I’d have gone in there and it wasn't working, he could’ve been left with egg on his face in such a big game, so I’ve really got to thank him for giving me a chance and trusting me in a situation like that.

“I’m just delighted that we were able to help the club get a massive victory when it really needed it.”

Millar admits he has missed being in the thick of the action on the pitch since moving to a coaching role.

The Greenock local insists that he still has plenty to offer the team if required despite seeing limited first-team action this season.

He said: “The last few games that I’ve come in and played this year, I’ve been carrying a wee injury. I wasn’t going to put my hand up and say that I was feeling something because I just missed playing that much.

“I could only play 45 minutes at the time and when Gus came in I couldn’t train as it had set me back a little bit.

“Since then, I’ve kept myself fit and I’ve looked after myself properly, so there was no doubt in my head that I can play a full 90 or not.

“Don’t get me wrong, I was feeling it a bit at the end but it’s been a year and a half since I started a game and played 90 minutes, so I thought I did alright. There’s still life in the legs yet!”