THE curtailed 2020-21 season finally ended for Morton on Friday night when 600 or so fans - plus about 100 supporters viewing from the carpark - witnessed possibly our best attacking performance of the season.

I think the overwhelming feelings I had on walking out of Cappielow was one of relief and also one of thinking job done from a squad of players who finally proved what they are capable of producing.

Watching Morton week after week from the excellent Ton TV and other clubs' streams has been unbearable at times, but to finally get back to being at the match has certainly given me back the buzz I was slowly losing.

Already I am looking forward to July when I expect our squad built on quantity will be drastically reduced and hopefully added to with a bit more quality.

As a new chapter begins with MCT taking over, I would expect perhaps half of the squad of 28 to leave the club and be replaced with possibly six quality additions.

Thanks for saving our Championship status and good luck to any player who is moved on.

I'd also like to thank the Rae family for the past 20 years or so as in my opinion they have been brilliant for Morton and as they pass the baton onto MCT they should leave with their heads held high for what they did for this club.