SOMETIMES in life we just have to be brutally honest when asked a simple question.

With that thought in mind, my honest opinion of Saturday’s performance by the Morton players as a whole was simply abysmal.

The distinct lack of quality was apparent for all of the 500 or so who made the trip and also for the Morton fans lucky enough to be able to turn off the stream from the comfort of their own home.

Thankfully the journey home from Firhill was a quick one so we could get to drown our sorrows quickly and try to forget the horrendous performance we witnessed.

I think I am correct in saying we saw a grand total of two shots on target and I think these were both in the dying minutes.

That stat alone proves what we all know, that we have a distinct lack of creativity amongst the current squad.

We now travel to Airdrie this weekend to play Celtic B in the cup and a defeat there could prove to be the final straw for many of the travelling support as it was evident on Saturday that many have already turned against the manager and some of the players.