WALKING out of Rugby Park on Saturday there was certainly a sense of disappointment with the result.

But perhaps there was less disappointment in the actual performance of the players as it was a vastly improved one from our last league outing.

I think once the new players settle in there is a certain level of optimism that the season ahead might not be quite as worrying as I previously thought.

Yes, there is still that lack of cutting edge from a goalscoring perspective but at the same time the team is starting to show signs that the chances will be created.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is we do struggle to successfully pass out from the defence.

Hopefully the new boy Oisin McAntee will get a run out next week to see if he can bring that passing ability to the team.

From a league table perspective even this early in the season we are in a perilous position but hopefully my new-found optimism will come to fruition and the team can start to climb the table.