MAKING the short journey down the coast to Ayr on Saturday, I think it’s fair to say all us Morton supporters were desperate to stop the run of four consecutive defeats.

We were also hoping for a better team performance with perhaps some level of enjoyment.

Gus MacPherson's side at least stopped the run of defeats and we witnessed a good defensive display.

Unfortunately we are still waiting to see an entertaining attacking performance.

I think McPherson is now on a run of two league wins from 15 and I’m sure he can't be happy with this record or the level of entertainment his team is producing.

I am certainly not championing that the time is now right to change the manager just as previously I was not in agreement with losing previous managers who seemed intent on not losing rather than trying to win matches.

Jonatan Johansson, Jim Duffy and David Hopkin all seemed to have the same mindset with the emphasis on getting the ball forward as quick as possible.

But one thing they always enjoyed from myself was 100 per cent support during matches, although Hopkin might tell you otherwise as he was incorrectly advised that I was shouting personal abuse towards him at Inverness.

But as with the current manager, he will always get my support at games.