SOMEONE more clued up than myself could possibly share the stats but since Inverness came into the leagues I’d be extremely surprised if we haven’t lost many more games up there than we have won.

I have seen every Morton game in the Highland capital with the exception of last season with the pandemic.

I have to admit I don’t remember many happy journeys home.

Having said that it should not have been a surprise that we travelled home on Saturday empty handed in a game where horrendous defending added to woeful finishing were the deciding factors in our defeat.

Unfortunately one of our young defenders was involved in both their goals and suffered a torrent of abuse from a small section of our support.

I personally have no divine right to tell any Morton supporter, who spends their time, money and effort to travel to support the team how they should act when attending games, but the key word to me is 'supporting'.

The young Morton player was visibly upset and struggled for most of the game, but thankfully the majority of the Morton support tried to offer encouragement to a player who without doubt has a love for our club.