GUS MacPherson believes Morton's precious point against Queen of the South could prove to be crucial after the result kept them off the bottom of the Championship table.

The Ton manager admits that the final ball was lacking at times during the goalless draw, but he believes that his side defended well as a unit and could have grabbed all three points on a blustery afternoon in Dumfries.

While MacPherson was frustrated they couldn't end their winless run, the Ton boss believes that the point sets his side up nicely for tomorrow night’s showdown against Partick Thistle.

He told the Tele: “It is a good point. I think you can sometimes get caught up on winning the game and we do want to go out and win every game, we wouldn’t be in football if we didn’t.

“However, Queen of the South have had some really good results at home this season, they’ve beaten some good teams along the way as well and we defended well as a whole.

“If you can come to Palmerston at any stage of the season and keep a clean sheet and take a point back up the road then you’re delighted.

“The elements didn’t help either team, it was difficult playing conditions with the wind and the rain.

“We could’ve passed the ball around better on certain occasions, but we made the right decisions across the 90 minutes.

“We carried a threat at times and if the final ball had just been a little sharper then we could’ve had more opportunities to try and get ourselves in front.

“Robbie Muirhead had a really good effort cruelly denied by the woodwork shortly before half-time and Innes Cameron missed a big opportunity for Queens before that, so I think that they’ll also be frustrated that they’ve not at least scored.

“We’re frustrated that we’ve not taken more from the game, but it’s a good point to take going forward.

“We defended well for large periods and we kept them out and if the final ball had been better then we could’ve had more chances.

“Coming away to Palmerston and getting a point is a good point and it sets us up nicely for Tuesday night."

The Ton manager lauded the commitment and bravery of centre-half Brian McLean, who came back on after receiving a nasty head knock midway through the second half which required treatment.

He believes that the veteran's presence and experience alongside Allan Lithgow in the backline was crucial in securing Morton a point.

MacPherson said: “Brian showed a lot of character coming back on from the head knock that he got in the second half, considering what had happened earlier on in the season [against Clyde].

“It did look a nasty one when he got it and it did cause us on the bench a little bit of concern at the time. But he’s smart that way, he wouldn’t take any chances like that.

“His organisation and his presence were vital for us alongside Allan Lithgow who I thought played really well against a strong Queens attack.

“The two of them played a huge part in getting us that point.”