THE well documented struggles of Morton continued on Saturday in Dumfries.

We seldom looked likely to score against an extremely average Queen of the South team who are quite likely to be one of the teams who will engage in a relegation battle with ourselves.

Unfortunately we just never look like we are going to ever score as our strikers continue to play with little confidence whilst the rest of the team struggle to create many decent opportunities for them.

It saddens me to say but it is getting more and more difficult to defend the club as a whole these days as the football is not enjoyable and the enthusiasm provided with the change of ownership is quickly dwindling as supporters are being critical of players and management.

On Saturday it was the turn of the management team to receive verbal abuse from the fans and, whilst I don’t like to see that, I would certainly prefer it was them rather than individual players being criticised.

The week ahead now becomes massive as we have two home games and if these end up as two defeats then MCT might find that they could come under fire from a support that is losing patience with the club.