IT would seem strange that our late equaliser on Saturday felt like a winner especially since we desperately require wins rather than draws.

But watching Hamilton continually waste time meant our goal was met with huge relief and satisfaction.

Unfortunately we still continue to look toothless in attack and unlikely at the moment to score enough goals to ensure we retain our Championship status come the end of the season.

The one thing the goal did ensure was that the team and management escaped the inevitable booing from a support that grows more and more frustrated week after week.

Before our late equaliser there were consistent chants of 'time to go' and whilst I am not quite at that stage personally the manager, Gus MacPherson, does need to stand accountable, especially since eight of the starting 11 on Saturday were players he has signed.

From that starting line-up we had four loanees, and it's fair to say two have been successful whilst the other two have brought nothing to the team in my opinion.

Hopefully next week at Dunfermline we will see a front two of Gozie Ugwu and Jimmy Knowles, pictured, with Jaakko Okansen and Oisin McEntee played in their favoured positions.

I would also bring in Lewis Strapp at full-back and push Mark Russell in a more advanced role.

I guess we all want to be managers and problem solvers, so over to you Gus as we strive to get the right formation to allow us to finally see a Morton league win again.