TRAVELLING through to Kirkcaldy on Saturday had me hoping for a Morton win, accepting of a draw but expecting a defeat.

Therefore, I should not have been too disappointed at the outcome of the match itself.

Once again we can point to effort and commitment from what does seem like a good bunch of lads - but unfortunately, as I have said previously, these attributes will not always get you a result.

We were totally outplayed in a footballing sense as, to be honest, any decent football came from Raith Rovers whilst we simply relied on a team giving their all but lacking in a level of quality that is required on a consistent basis rather than periodically.

Once again some of our support turned on certain players and the management team but this time some of the abuse was embarrassing.

To yell personal abuse at an individual for crimes he committed many years ago to me is not welcome and has no place whilst watching Morton.

As I have said before we travel all over Scotland to support Morton with an emphasis on the word 'support' but it seems like certain Morton fans just cannot wait for us to underperform so that they can vent their anger at players.

Everyone shares the pain of defeat whether it be supporters, players or management but there are better ways of exhibiting that pain than vile personal attacks on people who I’m sure are trying their best to alleviate that pain.