A HARDY bunch of 31 Morton supporters made the long arduous journey through to Inverness on Saturday with more hope than expectation that Gus MacPherson's team could produce a performance that we could be proud of.

To be honest the players were excellent and thoroughly deserved the draw which keeps us in the Scottish Cup and more importantly shows that they can compete with one of the best teams in the league.

Even witnessing the losing of an early soft goal did not dampen the enthusiasm and backing the team got from each and every one of the 31 of us at the game.

For a change there were no negative shouts aimed at the players or management team.

But having said that, it was disappointing to see very little acknowledgement from the players and staff at the end of the game.

Every single one of our support cheered the team from the park, but I personally only saw two or three players responding to the supporters and it does seem that MCT have a challenge on their hands to somehow unite the supporters with the club in general.