ARBROATH head into Christmas as top dogs in the Scottish Championship whilst poor old Morton prop up the league and unfortunately they do not at this present time look like moving onwards and upwards.

Don’t get me wrong, on Saturday there was very little to separate the teams at opposite ends of the league table other than what can only be described as schoolboy defending.

The decisive goal we lost was shocking when two different players had opportunities to clear the ball but struck it straight at the opposing players!

Apparently people sitting at home had viewing problem with the live stream due to the fog but unfortunately we had a bird's eye view to witness that dreadful defending.

To be honest I thought the team played decent enough and created numerous opportunities but once again that lack of confidence within the team was highlighted by not taking those chances.

It is extremely depressing being a Morton supporter at this moment in time and the fact that only 82 of us made the journey through tells its own story and the supporters are voting with their feet.