OH my goodness where to begin?

It is extremely early in the season but I think it’s fair to assume that no Morton supporter who has witnessed our two competitive games can be sitting comfortably with any positivity about the season ahead!

On Saturday we managed to put out a stronger squad of players against Clyde than the previous week but still we never looked like scoring.

I fear the worst for tomorrow when we travel through to Edinburgh to play Hibs, but hopefully Morton being Morton they can upset the odds and at least give us a more enjoyable trip home.

I said last week we urgently need MCT to make funds available sooner rather than later otherwise we will stare relegation square in the face.

We keep hearing the manager mention that the club is going in the direction of bringing more youth players into the first team, but the vast majority are simply just not ready yet.

I personally love the idea of bringing through homegrown players but at this moment the quality is obviously not there.

I’m assuming rightly or wrongly that we might utilise the loan system but if that’s the case it needs sorted before the league season begins.

Before that happens we have two more League Cup ties where hopefully we can at least manage some attempts on goal and perhaps score one or two goals.