A POPULAR Greenock grappler has shown his commitment to Morton by donating a unique item to the club before a high-profile fight night.

Professional wrestler Lucha DS handed over a special Morton FC mask which had been created from a fans' game shirt. 

Lucha had two blue and white masks made from the top - and will wear the other one at Greenock Town Hall on Friday night when he takes on Davey Blaze and his team in a Premier British Wrestling bout. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Lucha said the whole process of getting the customised masks made took about a year. 

He said: "I wanted to do something unique to promote the Greenock show. 

"Being from Greenock and being a big Morton fan, it was a brilliant thing to be able to do. 

"I had to send the material away to America but it was all worth it, and I love the way they've turned out."

Lucha has pledged to wear the blue and white mask along with a Ton top on Friday night. 

Greenock Telegraph:
He says he's 'absolutely buzzing' for the show and says wrestling is growing in popularity in the area.

Lucha added: "Greenock was one of the first shows we marked in the calendar and the presale for it was insane. 

"We're seeing a real increase in demand for tickets every time we book Greenock, it's getting bigger and bigger. 

"Wrestling is a big draw for families and it's brilliant to see people of all ages coming along, from two-year-olds to grannies and grandpas. 

"Everyone boos and cheers in the same way. 

"I think people are really bursting for live entertainment again and are going out and enjoying things."

In the Team Lucha vs Team Blaze fight on Friday evening, Lucha and Davey will have mystery partners, and the bouts will lead up to an elimination match showdown. 

Greenock Telegraph:
The Greenock sports star got into wrestling when his partner was pregnant with their son Leyland, who is now 10. 

He said: "I said that I would support my son in whatever he wanted to do. 

"My partner asked me what I had always wanted to do, and I realised I had always wanted to be a wrestler. 

"It was at that point that I decided to go for it."

Lucha joined the Premier British Wrestling Academy and debuted his own show after just a year. He trained for five years in total before he decided to go professional and now travels across Europe.

To celebrate 10 years in the business later this year, Lucha says he would love to take on a really big name. 

But he says the best part of wrestling is giving his son the chance to see his dad as a 'real life superhero'. 

Lucha added: "He will see me in the Morton mask on Friday, doing all the backflips. 

"I'm very proud to be part of PBW and it's amazing getting the chance to travel all over Europe doing what I love."

*A limited number of tickets will be available on the door on Friday night. Tickets can be booked in advance by calling the Beacon Arts Centre box office on 01475 723723, or via www.ringsideworld.co.uk