GREENOCK MORTON general manager Dale Pryde-MacDonald admits the club got it wrong when communicating about the reduced capacity for Friday's Scottish Cup thriller against Motherwell - issuing an apology to supporters locked out of an historic night at Cappielow.

Punters were told with less than six hours to go until kick-off that they only had a limited time to snap up the premium briefs left with only a capacity of just over 6,000 available, when Cappielow is advertised to hold 11,000 supporters.

However, the general manager, who joined the club last December, says he has deep regrets about how the situation was handled as he confirmed that the reduced capacity will be a permanent fixture moving forward.

He told the Tele: "No, we did get it wrong. I got it wrong in the sense that I should've communicated about a fortnight ago as to what the capacity was going to be on Friday.

"That probably is going to be what the capacity is going to be when there's a live TV game here, I think anyone who walks in here nowadays will see that Cappielow isn't a stadium capable of holding 11,000 people.

"I said it on social media myself, this is a relatively new team of staff.

"The secretary, the commercial manager and I are all new, which is a huge transition in a small behind the scenes staff. There's going to be this learning process for us all.

"My experiences of Scottish football has solely been Premiership based where people buy tickets weeks in advance and there is probably a lot more prep with a lot less walk-ups, things are done online most of the time.

"That doesn't happen in the Championship, it probably hasn't arrived here yet so it's a learning curve for me and as a team. I want to thank the team of staff that are here though, a hell of a lot of work went in just to get 5,200 into the stadium.

"It's never going to be ideal, there's always lessons to be learned but all I can do is ask for a little bit of patience and hopefully we can make more good decisions than wrong ones.”